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*Only available to residents of Amarillo Area

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Charlene H Betts
Charlene H Betts
Fast service and easy to use customer service was the best
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez
Unloaded salt pallets here super nice pretty quick unload time
Robin Ricci
Robin Ricci
Totally professional staff! Cody was so nice when he came to evaluate!! I have had them before at other addresses and they ALWAYS did a great job!!... Use this company, you will not be disappointed!!!read more
Sam Calloway
Sam Calloway
Great place to fill a mobile wash tank
W.H Industries
W.H Industries
Great business in Amarillo! Customer service is awesome. From the water testers to the installers all the way to the guys doing the salt runs they ... are always professional. Good peopleread more

Home Water Services

Transform the water in your home... get better at every tap

Home Soft Water Service


(we even include softener salt!)

Soft Water

Soft Water for Cleaning… clean (everything) better with less soap.

  • Cleaner clothes, cleaner towels, cleaner you.
  • Soft Culligan Water means softer skin and silkier hair.
  • Cut SOAP and cleaning product use up to 65%* with Soft Culligan Water.
  • Use dramatically less beauty product and shampoo with Soft Culligan Water.
  • No more HARD WATER SPOTS & deposits on shower doors, fixtures, dishes, and silverware.
  • Save TIME cleaning kitchens & bath, no more heavy scrubbing or harsh acid cleaners required.
  • Extend the life of APPLIANCES like dishwashers & washing machines with Soft Culligan Water.
  • SERVICE provided by our Factory Trained, State Certified Water Treatment Specialist … The CULLIGAN MAN

*Battelle Research Institute study 2010

**installation not included

***requires auto-draft sign up

Whole House Filtration


Add Whole House Filtration
… to your Home Soft Water Service

Better Water for Every
Use at Every Tap

Water for Bath, Beauty & Health
…The most important beauty care product that ever touches your skin and hair is WATER!

Cleansers work better, skin is softer, hair is silkier. Water free of impurities is vital for people with sensitive skin issues (e.g. eczema). You buy the best beauty care products … get the best water, get beautiful water, get Culligan Water.

Turn raw hard chlorinated tap water into something beautiful, Soft-Filtered Culligan Water.

Drinking Water Service



Cleaner, Fresher, Pure-Tasting Drinking Water

Water for (more than) Drinking…
an almost unlimited supply of fresher, cleaner, pure-tasting Culligan Water.


  • Remove up to 99% of impurities that could be in your water.
  • Make better tasting tea & coffee with Culligan Water (just like professional coffee shops that do use our system to make better tasting coffee).
  • Use Culligan Water for better tasting pasta and soups
  • Pets love Culligan Water, especially your fish.
  • Wash veggies & fruits with cleaner, fresher, safer Culligan Water.
  • Use Culligan Water in irons and humidifiers and eliminate spots.
  • Connect directly to fridge … turn your fridge into a Culligan Water & Ice machine.
  • ALL SERVICE & PARTS INCLUDED + regularly scheduled filter replacements.


“Hey Culligan Man” SERVICE. Culligan Home Water services include… ALL Service, ALL Parts & ALL Labor … We take care of everything! We take care of the water in your home from installation to ongoing support and service. You enjoy high-quality water in your home. Culligan Service techs are factory trained, state certified Water Treatment Specialists. The Culligan Man is your Local Water Expert. Service by the Culligan Man is the Culligan Water Advantage.

Soft Water Service *** BEST VALUE

  • Starting at $59/month*
  • Cleans better and Saves $, Saves Time, Saves Appliances, Saves Soap
  • All Service & Parts included … we will even deliver your free softener salt to your door.
  • No “Lock You In” Contracts required

Drinking Water Service *** #1 Drinking Water Service in West Texas

  • Starting at $39.95/month*
  • An almost unlimited supply of fresher, cleaner pure-tasting drinking water
  • All Service & Parts included … we schedule regular filter replacements at no additional charge.
  • No “Lock You In” Contracts required

Whole House Filtration *** Take the CHLORINE out of your water

  • Starting at $20/month*
  • Get clean healthy water that doesn’t dry out your skin or make your hair brittle.
  • ADD Whole House Filtration and take out the CHLORINE
  • No “Lock You In” Contracts required

*installation of water softeners & whole house filtration is not included. Water treatment equipment is part of your plumbing and we install to the highest standards required.
Water softeners systems are connected to the main water supply, drain system and have an electrical connection. We offer zero finance 12-24 month payment options for installations. We do not make $ on our installations. We attempt to install at the lowest possible cost to the customer.

How to Get Culligan Water in Your Home?

The first step is an on-site assessment at your home. Your Culligan Service tech will come to your home, test water, assess family needs, examine the plumbing, determine where the system can go and help you select the best solution for your water needs.
Takes approximately 20 minutes. You can select the best time that fits your needs.

Fill out this form with your desired appointment time and we will contact you to finalize your appointment.

Schedule On Site Assessment


Water Quality Association Tested and Certified Under Industry Standards

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