Culligan Water for Bath, Beauty & Health

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Do you have sensitive skin?
Does the dry air of West Texas leave your skin dry?
Do you buy high quality hair care products to deal with frizzy or brittle hair?

If you average more than $25 a month for beauty care products for softer skin, silkier hair, sensitive skin, age defying lotions … etc.  There is something you need to know.


What most people don’t realize is the #1 BEAUTY SECRET doesn’t come in a bottle or tube… it comes right out of your water tap.

The Solution is Simple... Culligan WATER

Water is the most vital substance that will ever touch your hair, your skin or you.

Beauty begins with WATER.

Look at the labels. Water is the number 1 ingredient in most beauty care products.

But not just any WATER


Raw municipal TAP WATER  contains disinfectants that can be harsh on skin and hair.

You can’t fix this with SOFT WATER alone.

Whole House Filtration removes harsh chemicals (like chlorine) that are common in most municipal water supplies.

Whole House Filtration combined with Soft Water Transforms Raw Tap Water

into  “Beautiful Water” Soft/Filtered Culligan Water!

Add Whole House Filtration to Home Soft Water Services for just $20/month

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Your total out of pocket is only $20 per month
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