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Why Test Your Water?

Municipal water is required to meet Federal Standards for Water Safety but most tap water still contains unwanted substances that can and should be removed to get safe, clean, high quality water in your home. 

Some people mistakenly believe that well water is free of contaminants. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. No two wells are the same. 

Water is also aggressive and will dissolve substances it comes in contact with. And because Well Water isn’t injected with disinfectants there is a potential risk of bacteriological contamination.  

The Bottom line:

There is “stuff” in your water regardless of where it is sourced. So, it’s worthwhile to know what’s in the water to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Common Contaminants In Tap Water


In West Texas most of the water is VERY HARD. This means there is a high level of dissolved rock. Hard Water shortens the life of appliances, leaves Hard Water deposits on fixtures and dishware. Hard Water also requires chemical detergents to counter the effects of hardness and can require up to 65% more cleaning products. A simple Hard Water test can determine how much Hardness is in your water.


Municipal water suppliers inject disinfectants (Chlorine) to eliminate bacteriological contamination. Well Water does not. Most Well Water is safe and free of bacteriological contamination but the only way to know is to have it Tested. A special test is required for this and must be done in a laboratory. This requires 2-4 days.


Most municipal water has been treated with some form of Chlorine disinfection. Well Water does not have chlorine. Chlorine in tap water tends to dry out skin and make hair brittle. It can be higher in some parts of the city than in others.


Salt is another common contaminant. It is usually higher in surface water that comes from lakes. However it isn't unusual to encounter higher than acceptable levels in some well water. The only way to know is to have the water tested.


Fluoride is commonly found in municipal water in West Texas. In excess it can cause problems. If you are concerned a special test to determine the levels of fluoride is available.

How Much Is A Water Test?

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We offer three kinds of water test:

Free Test

  • For basic water tests there is No Charge
  • A certified water treatment professional can come to your home, take a sample and test the water on the spot.

Qualified Realtor Test
(not Free)

  • In some cases a Qualified Water Test is required to complete the sale of a home. 
  • We send a sample to Culligan International’s Certified Water Lab.  
  • This test requires two weeks to complete and get results. 

Advancced Contamination Test(Not Free)

  • Testing for bacteria and other contaminants requires sending samples to labs. 
  • For more information on Advanced Water Tests contact our office.

How to Get Culligan Water in Your Home?

The first step is an on-site assessment at your home. Your Culligan Service tech will come to your home, test water, assess family needs, examine the plumbing, determine where the system can go and help you select the best solution for your water needs.
Takes approximately 20 minutes. You can select the best time that fits your needs.

Fill out this form with your desired appointment time and we will contact you to finalize your appointment.

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